How Social Work Impacts Arosa’s Integrated Model of Care.

Care Team Spotlight: Jennifer Axelson and Jennifer Gazda.

March 21st is World Social Work Day. Many care professionals at Arosa are also social workers or have a background in social work. Social workers are highly trained and passionate professionals that are experts in assessing needs and creating a dynamic care plan to meet those needs. Arosa’s model of integrated care puts Arosa’s care managers firmly in the center of initiating, supporting, and elevating the care it offers. “Social workers can use their expertise to create a successful integrated model of elevated care,” says Jennifer Axelson, Director of Client Services at Arosa.

Axelson earned a master’s degree in social work, thinking she would enter a position in school social work. After some time teaching, working in grant management, and running a program for kids that needed extra support, she was hired by Lifecare. Arosa acquired Lifecare in early 2020. She has worked in care management for aging populations and those with special needs for over 12 years and has not looked back!  

She started as an entry-level care manager in the organization and eventually clinical manager. She was offered the director of care management role in June of 2021. Her passion for helping others and teaching has been fulfilled each step of the way as she has provided education, mentorship, and support to the national care management team. 

Axelson adds that her favorite things about Arosa are her teammates and their approach to client care, “The fantastic group of professionals that work for Arosa are second to none. The passion, sincere dedication to the care we provide, and willingness to help one another never cease to amaze me. It is a privilege to work with this group of care warriors, and the elevated, concierge service we provide is a direct result of their efforts. There is no smarter, more creative, more dedicated, more humble, more passionate group out there. I am honored to call myself their teammate!”

Axelson resides in Illinois. She is a devoted wife and mother and enjoys watching historical documentaries, being out in nature, and organizing. “Although it may sound strange to others, nothing brings peace to my mind and a smile to my face more than finding a closet, drawer, or cabinet and bringing order to the chaos. Lucky for me, my family supplies me with ample (and continuous) opportunities to explore this ‘hobby’!”

Jennifer Axelson

A second care professional at Arosa that has experience in social work is Jennifer Gazda. She is currently a regional director based out of Illinois. Gazda earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work while working with children in welfare and foster care for several years. She also worked at a nursing home and a therapeutic day school for children on the autism spectrum.  She was hired as a care manager by Arosa in 2010. While working at Arosa, she earned her doctorate in social work in 2020. She is also a board member of the National Association of Social Workers in the state of Illinois. In addition, she educates and trains future social workers at a local university and hopes her daughter will end up in the field someday.

Gazda’s extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities and mental health disorders has helped prepare her for her role at Arosa. She has worked with clients over the years who treat her like family and have referred to her as “one of God’s breezes.” Gazda’s favorite thing about working at Arosa is the variety of challenges she faces while helping families in crisis. 

Gazda says she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. 

Jennifer Gazda

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