Our Mission & Values

We exist to enrich the lives of others.

Our Mission

1. Attract, train, retain and treasure the best care professionals

2. Create superior models of care that serve the greatest number of clients

We promise to elevate the experience of care for our teammates, our clients, and their loved ones.

Integrated Care: After decades of experience, we know that we can ease the burden placed on our clients and their loved ones through a combination of care management and the hands-on assistance of professional caregivers.

Supporting Our Care Professionals: We believe that creating better jobs for our care professionals results in better care for our clients.

We combine these two priorities in both our culture and our approach in order to deliver truly elevated care for our clients and their families.

Our Core Values

Be ambitious, while humble and grateful.

  • We aim high and demand excellence.
  • We listen first. We understand that sometimes, life can be really hard.
  • We honor the awesome responsibility we have to improve the lives of our clients, teammates and their families. We say thank you and show appreciation because that gratitude is in our DNA.

Push ahead together. Do not be held back by fear.

  • We know that anything worth achieving requires working together.
  • We are willing to break the mold and pilot new ideas to arrive at a better model.
  • We prioritize quality of life and take risks rather than settle for the status quo.

Walk a mile to build relationships.

  • We see the power of personal relationships to impact lives.
  • We know that trust is best established in-person.
  • We embrace the beauty and the challenges of being a national organization that works 24/7, 365 to serve our clients and their families.
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