Caregiving services can support the physical, emotional, and social well-being of you, the primary caregiver, and your loved one who requires care.

Arosa Caregiving: Provider for Seniors

Caring for a loved one can be demanding and draining as challenges presented by the aging process increase. We help our client’s family members reclaim their roles as a daughter, son, wife, husband, or relative, once again.

Arosa employs a compassionate caregiving team, who work with individuals facing medical, physical, psychiatric or developmental challenges and find themselves in need of care and support to maximize their quality of life.

We have earned our reputation as the company that can handle difficult situations. No matter what challenge you may be facing, we have seen it before and we are ready to help.

Caregiving Activities

We offer an array of services to our clients that need guidance, safety and care to remain as independent as possible in the least restrictive setting. We serve clients in a variety of settings including the family home, shared housing, and independent living communities.

In providing caregiving services, Arosa prioritizes health and safety, focusing on activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs).

Arosa caregiving services are provided on an hourly or around-the-clock basis.

Arosa Caregiving Services
Arosa Caregiving Services

Elevated Care with Arosa

Personalized, Integrated Care

Arosa is dedicated to elevating the experience of care for our clients and their loved ones. With support from a professional Arosa Care Manager who trains, matches, and coaches our Caregivers, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about which services are best for your or your loved one’s personal situation.

Committed, Compassionate Caregivers

At Arosa, we believe that the highest quality senior care can only be delivered by professionals who feel cared for, themselves. We are dedicated in our efforts to attract, train, retain, and treasure the best care professionals. Our Caregivers are prepared to deliver the personalized attention and quality care your family deserves.

Caregiver Hiring Requirements

  • Face to face interview with a care manager to identify hard and soft skills
  • Criminal background check
  • Comprehensive reference checks
  • Understanding importance of protecting personal health information
  • Confirmation of desire to serve others

Experience the Best Quality Care with Arosa

Your Experience as an Individual Receiving Care

Our care professionals are professionally trained, thoroughly vetted, and empowered by us to provide tailored, compassionate care so you can feel confident you’re in excellent hands.

As your needs evolve, so can your care. Arosa is committed to supporting its clients through the aging journey.

Your Experience as a Family Member

We know that you want what’s best for your loved one, but you may be feeling anxious about their ability to care for themselves. We will work with you to craft a customized care plan that ensures your loved one has the right amount of support from a Caregiver at all the right times of day and night.

Interested in learning more?

When hiring a service provider, it’s important to begin with a comprehensive assessment and care plan that fulfills both the needs and wishes of the individual and their family. If you are interested in learning more, set up a consultation with Arosa today.