Concierge Nursing

Our compassionate team of RNs and LPNs are ready to provide high quality medical care to clients with advanced medical needs. Our Concierge Nursing care is available in North Carolina, New Jersey, Florida, and Utah.

Arosa Concierge Skilled Nursing: Assisted Home Care for Seniors

Arosa’s RNs and LPNs are ready to help with diabetes management, wound care, medication management, line & site maintenance, and more. Concierge nursing is known to make a world of difference for patients coming out of the hospital and wanting to live at home as long as possible. 

84% of our clients avoided re-hospitalization and emergency visits after acquiring our in-home private nursing services. Our nurses coordinate with your loved one’s medical providers to ensure thorough and consistent quality of care. Some clients pair concierge nursing care with non-medical caregiving services and together with our care managers and the client’s family, formulate a care plan that best fits the needs of your loved one. Our nurses can be available around the clock 24/7 or on an hourly basis.

Arosa’s Skilled Nursing Services


Benefits of Arosa’s Concierge Nursing Care

There are various reasons why your loved one may need in-home nursing care including elderly care, postoperative care, chronic illness management, rehabilitation and physical therapy, medication management, Alzheimer's or Dementia. We know that providing care for a loved one can be overwhelming, complex, and time consuming. Arosa’s concierge nurses can handle the care of your loved one and give you back precious time to spend with them. Arosa’s concierge nurses play a crucial role in providing personalized, compassionate care to patients in their own homes. Their presence helps promote comfort, continuity of care, and the ability for individuals to receive necessary medical attention in familiar surroundings.

Personalized Care

Concierge nursing provides personalized care tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the individual. Arosa’s nurses and care managers develop a care plan based on your loved one’s medical condition, lifestyle, and goals, ensuring that their unique requirements are met.

Reduced Hospital and Emergency Room Visits

Our nurses coordinate with your loved one’s medical providers to ensure thorough and consistent quality of care. Acquiring concierge nursing means your loved ones can receive care from physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and other advanced practice clinicians, and care managers — all in the comfort of their own home.

Cost effectiveness

Concierge nursing can be more cost-effective compared to prolonged hospital stays or residential care facilities. By receiving care at home, individuals can potentially avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and reduce healthcare expenses.

Continuity of care

Concierge nursing promotes continuity of care by ensuring a consistent healthcare provider is present throughout the duration of care. This helps build a trusting relationship between the nurse and the individual, leading to better communication, understanding, and overall quality of care.

Enhanced safety and monitoring.

Concierge nursing allows for close monitoring of the individual’s condition, vital signs, and response to treatment. This ensures early detection of any changes or complications, allowing for timely intervention and preventing potential emergencies.

Independence and autonomy.

Concierge nursing care strives to promote independence and autonomy for individuals. Nurses can work collaboratively with the individual and their family to develop strategies that encourage self-care, adapt to daily routines, and maintain a sense of control over their own healthcare decisions.

Your Experience as an Individual Receiving Care

We know that your independence is of utmost importance and will work with you to ensure you remain an active participant in your own life. Unlike most home care agencies, we believe in creating customized care plans that meet the level of service you want and need—with the flexibility to adapt to new needs or wishes at any time.

Your Experience as a Family Member

We understand how important it is to find the best care option for your loved one. We work with you to create a specialized plan that brings team support to you and your family to provide the best assistance possible. We believe in keeping you actively involved in your loved one’s care plan so we can all make informed choices that are truly in their best interests.

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