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Elevated Care, with the Entire Trusted Circle in Mind

At Arosa, we believe in keeping the entire trust circle actively involved in care plan development so we can make informed choices that are truly in the client’s best interests.

We know that aging is a family affair, affecting not only the senior, but all those who love and care for them. We know that the very best care honors this interdependence and is deeply rooted in it – we work together with family members and loved ones towards shared, meaningful goals. As we get to know the seniors we work with, we get to know their trust circle, too: children, grandchildren, life partners, advisors, friends — all of whom are touched by the aging process.

We schedule regular check-ins with family members in-person (or by phone or video for family members living away from their loved one) so that everyone is well informed of their loved one’s condition and all are able to discuss any needed changes to the care plan until the next check-in.

If you notice these behaviors or events, it may be time to seek help for your loved one.

  • Inability to recall a physician’s advice; continuous requests for support with the same issues
  • Forgotten or unpaid bills, resulting in terminated services
  • Repeated hospitalizations or failed rehabilitation
  • Inability to manage simple activities of daily living, i.e. grooming or laundry
  • Declining hygiene (odors are present, clothes are stained)
  • Signs of significant weight loss for no apparent reason
  • Unnecessary purchases of goods and services
  • Neighbors are paid cash or given elaborate gifts for routine assistance, rides or small household chores
  • The house appears unkempt – flyers pile up on the sidewalk, mail is not retrieved from the box, etc.

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