Wellahead, Arosa’s Affordability Partner, Assists Seniors and Their Families in Covering the Cost of In-Home Care

Wellahead made my situation feel less dire. They’re the whole package: they showed me options I didn’t know I had, answered all my financial questions, and genuinely felt like a friend.”

This is Deborah. Deborah and her partner, Steve, love gardening and their home. But when they got Deborah’s diagnosis of stage 4 stomach cancer, she became one of the over five million Americans who will need to use home equity to afford care.

Between all the doctors appointments and the side effects of chemo, Deborah was overwhelmed. When she began to need additional help with cooking and bathing, paying for care at home seemed like another impossible headache. Her insurance would only cover two weeks of care; would they need to sell the house and downsize?

What helped them?

During a 15-minute call with her Wellahead advisor, Deborah learned about several options she hadn’t known existed— all of which would let her stay in her home and pay for world-class care with Arosa. The two options that stood out to her?

  • Home Equity Investment: Deborah could receive a lump sum cash payment in exchange for a portion of her existing home equity. Deborah and Steve wouldn’t take on any additional debt, so there wouldn’t be monthly payments either
  • Sale-Leaseback: Deborah and Steve could sell their house, receive the full proceeds, then rent their home as tenants for as long as they wanted. They wouldn’t pay property taxes, home insurance, or maintenance costs.

In a world of questionable lenders trying to upsell their services, Wellahead’s unbiased financial team compared her options across reputable, vetted financial providers offering home equity investments, sale-leaseback, reverse mortgage, and home sale to find the best option for her circumstances.

Deborah ultimately asked Wellahead to connect her with a highly-rated home equity investment company that would unlock over $100K in funds and several years of top-quality care.

Want to see your options to pay for care?

Many families have found their home equity is a reasonable financial option to cover the costs of care. You can get a free, no-obligation home-equity based cash estimate and unbiased, personalized recommendations at: https://arosa.wellahead.co.

Wellahead’s concierge team is standing by for your call.

Want to review care options first?

If you’d like to review your care options with Arosa before chatting with Wellahead, please give our care advocates a call today at: (844) 577-2273

Arosa, Experts on Aging

Arosa’s integrated model ‘elevates care’ through the formation of teams, which consist of care professionals (caregivers, care consultants, care managers, and care specialists), who work together to craft and implement tailored care plans for clients and their families. Many of these teams have served the local communities for years (if not decades) and offer invaluable knowledge to clients and families throughout life’s aging journey.

In addition to its dedicated caregiving workforce, Arosa employs over 70 care managers in 32 office locations. These certified professionals are experienced in a variety of fields that focus on issues related to aging and/or disability; many of whom are credentialed in gerontology, social work, mental health, nursing, physical therapy, and psychology.

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