Practical Ways to Simplify Medication for Seniors

Seniors often juggle various prescriptions, and navigating this journey requires a bit of extra care and attention. So, let’s explore some simple insights into making the medication process smoother.

Firstly, have an open conversation with our seniors about their medications – what they’re taking, why, and how it makes them feel. Simplify the routine by considering a weekly pill organizer, a little friendly reminder right on the kitchen counter or fridge.

Assistance with organizing or accompanying your relative to doctor’s appointments is important as a friendly face can make the whole experience less daunting. Arosa’s Care Managers do this with care and expertise. Click here to learn how we could assist your loved one.

Encourage seniors to view their medications as health buddies – essential for keeping them strong. Positive reinforcement and encouragement go a long way.

Coordinate with healthcare providers to consolidate medications, where possible, if multiple conditions are being treated. For those who are comfortable with cell phone medication reminder apps, ensure they never miss a dose.

During mealtime, slip in reminders about medications. It’s amazing what a delicious dish and some friendly conversation can do for the spirit.

Keep an eye out for changes and encourage seniors to reach out to their healthcare provider if anything feels off. 

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