At the center of Arosa’s commitment to providing exceptional care, we recently witnessed a touching story that showcased the depth of our team’s compassion and dedication. Meet our 93-year-old client, who has been under the care of Arosa since November 2020, receiving live-in home care services from caregivers Sandra Rosales, Harriet Nalukwago, and Teddy Nakibinge.

This resilient woman, diagnosed with moderate to severe dementia, has been in good health according to her Primary Care Physician (PCP). Her journey took a challenging turn when her son, a significant presence in her life and her sole guardian, passed away suddenly. Living downstairs in a separate apartment, he had been actively involved in her daily care.

During the pandemic, the client’s health took a delicate turn, leading to a wheelchair-bound recommendation from her PCP during telehealth appointments. Discussions of transitioning to palliative care arose, indicating a difficult chapter in her life.

Tragically, just before enrolling in hospice care, her son passed away, leaving a void that extended beyond emotional support. The responsibility of becoming the client’s guardian fell upon the shoulders of her son’s lawyer and friend, who reached out to Arosa with an urgent request – ensuring the client attended her son’s funeral.

While our initial assessment questioned the feasibility of this endeavor, the lawyer emphasized the importance of a mother not missing her son’s funeral. Arosa’s Boston team rallied together, determined to make this possible. Meetings with the lawyer were followed by meticulous planning to facilitate the client’s attendance at the funeral.

To our delight, the client not only attended but also engaged with attendees, displaying a recognition of family members that warmed our hearts. This experience fueled our commitment to continue caring for her, despite the challenges posed by her dementia-related behaviors.

Understanding the need for a tailored approach, we reevaluated, implementing a system that ensured her comfort and the safety of our team during care routines. This adjustment proved transformative, leading to a more relaxed atmosphere during showers, bed baths, and general cleanup.

Our comprehensive care strategy now includes physical and mental stimulation, with the client participating in activities such as physical therapy, podiatrist appointments, PCP check-ups, and engaging games. Notably, she received an electric reclining chair, providing her with the comfort of transitioning to a standing position more effortlessly than her previous wheelchair allowed.

Arosa’s unwavering commitment to our client’s well-being shines through in this heartfelt journey. Making this difference in our client’s life would not be possible without extraordinary caregivers on our team like Sandra, Harriet, and Teddy. 

As we navigate the complexities of dementia care, we stand by our promise to offer support on multiple levels, jumping into action at very short notice when our clients need us the most. Together, we continue to make a difference in the lives of those entrusted to our care.

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