Honoring Our Dedicated Caregivers On Their Work Anniversaries!

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated Caregivers who are celebrating their work anniversaries. Your unwavering commitment and compassion profoundly impact the lives of those we serve. Each of you embodies the spirit of care and excellence that defines Arosa, and we are deeply grateful for your hard work and dedication. Thank you for being the heart and soul of our organization. We celebrate you today and every day!

MAY 2024

1 Year

Nuria Abdi, Boston, May 4

Danielle Bencivenni, East Bay, May 8 

Miriam Boadi, Salt Lake City, May 17 

Dana Boodhai, Los Angeles, May 12

Jalisa Booker, Middle TN, May 3

Donneisha Burns, Middle TN, May 15

Mary Cartwright, Clarksville, May 3

Mailee Castro, Reno, May 10 

Isaiah Charles, South Jersey, May 18 

Archell Cheatteam, Houston, May 4

Gary Clement, NC Triangle, May 31

Marciana David, San Francisco, May 3

Amparo De La Herran, Inland Empire, May 2

Linda Desir, Chicagoland, May 11

Amina Diirye, Silicon Valley, May 30 

Nikia Dyer, Los Angeles, May 29 

Karina Elvambuena, San Francisco, May 26

Latoya Gunnoe, Fort Lauderdale, May 4

Marlyn Hipolito, San Francisco, May 11

Mitchell Hutchinson, Los Angeles, May 25

Raquel Jackson, Los Angeles, May 25

Marie Jeanty, Chicagoland, May 11

Joy Jones, NC Triangle, May 10 

Valencia Kelso, Houston, May 15

Hilda Lawrence, NC Triangle, May 10

Alejandro Lemus, San Francisco, May 10 

Hamida Lubowa, Los Angeles, May 5

Trenya Mack, Los Angeles, May 2

Tonia Marriott, Chicagoland, May 9 

Shanika Mejia, NC Triangle, May 12

Eva Mirembe, Los Angeles, May 26 

Lydia Nyakem Ngame, Los Angeles, May 11 

Esperance Romilly Noussi Toukam, Boston, May 24

Chisom Nwadike, Los Angeles, May 9

Chinelo Offor, North Jersey, May 18 

Glee Ong, San Francisco, May 22

Isabel Pacillas, Crystal Coast, May 16

Beyonce Pringle, Orlando, May 18 

Rebecca Randleman, San Francisco, May 11

Chastiny Reid, NC Triangle, May 30

 Yolanda Robinson, East Bay, May 12

Lenie San Andres, San Francisco, May 5

Norma Sanchez Los Angeles, May 11

Kaylie Sasak-Scholderer East Bay, May 22

Laila Serquina, San Francisco, May 15

Sara Shepperd, Middle TN, May 15

Odessa Smith, Los Angeles, May 11

Enella Tillett, Los Angeles, May 4

Jahnise Towler, Piedmont Triad, May 1

Ashley Tripp, Crystal Coast, May 4

Chanta Williams, South Jersey, May 23

Raven Wills, Salt Lake City, May 17 

Samira Wilson, Middle TN, May 17 

Salvacion Wong, San Francisco, May 8

 Marta Zuniga, Orange County, May 24

2 Years 

Akinlusi Asaolu, Chicagoland, May 26

Rhea Donaldo, San Francisco, May 24

Dena Gaynair, Los Angeles, May 25

Safia Hibaishi, Boston, May 5

Kimberly Hubbard, Inland Empire, May 16

Sylvia Jackson, Houston, May 9 

Lucy Koinange, Boston, May 11

 Mckenna, Nieves, Middle TN, May 16

Constance Nsiah, Boston, May 11

Lucille Rock, South Jersey, May 12

Heidy Santos Ro, Central Coast, May 5

Gemma Siason,  San Francisco, May 25

Talent Teriyeitu, Boston, May 19

 LaTela Webster, Middle TN, May 10 

Kiana Young, Los Angeles, May 19 

3 Years

Adeyinka Ajibola, Los Angeles, May 18 

Kenesha Beckford, Chicagoland, May 27 

Marietta Bayotas, Orange County, May 12

Immaculate Dambya, Boston, May 26

Lavern Falconer, Chicagoland, May 6

Jone Goni Ituarte, San Diego, May 18 

Wanda Griffin, Orlando, May 26

Denetta Mccullers, NC Triangle, May 6

Jackline Niwagaba, Boston, May 5

4 Years

Hilda Castaneda, San Diego, May 13

Bridgette Henry, North Jersey, May 14

5 Years

Ana Luu, Silicon Valley, May 13

Teddy Nakibinge, Boston, May 9 

Yadira Patino, NC Triangle, May 15

6 Years

Andrea Kontos, Boston, May 1

7 Years

Daphine Cates, NC Triangle, May 31

Janice Ford, Piedmont Triad, May 26

Shandra McKoy, NC Triangle, May 18 

Courtney Stamps, NC Triangle, May 1

9 Years

Kimberly Henderson, NC Triangle, May 19 

Kelly Jankowski, South Jersey, May 24

Eunice Knowles, Orlando, May 22 

Maria Rivera, South Bay, May 15

10 Years

Oumou Barry, Chicagoland, May 1

Sandra  Elliott, Middle TN, May 1

11 Years

Nancy Beams, Boston, May 10 

Jane Magunda, Boston, May 27 

Nosimot Roberson, Chicagoland, May 15

12 Years 

Lorna Powell, North Jersey, May 18 

13 Years

Ramatu Cofie, North Jersey, May 6

Eva Salgado, Central Coast, May 16

16 Years

Hazel Custodio, Orange County, May 22

Linda Schramm, San Diego, May 25

21 Years

Djenabou Diallo, NC Triangle, May 28 

JUNE 2024

1 Year

Freweni Abadi, Boston, June 26

Eurice Abrena, San Francisco, June 23

Precious Aina, Chicagoland, June 22

Venita Alsenat, Los Angeles, June 12

Brianna Angulo-Hernandez, Silicon Valley, June 13

Roche Arradaza, San Francisco, June 22

Raymond Asuncion, Silicon Valley, June 7

Emma Awuah, North Jersey, June 26

Zinaida Badmaeva, San Francisco, June 28

Alexis Barbee, Middle TN, June 20

Titilayo Bello, East Bay, June 7

Darlene Berthiaume, South Jersey, June 26

Kelly Brown, Chicagoland, June 27

Margie Brown, Middle TN, June 16

Esther Candio, South Jersey, June 16

Amado Castillo, Orlando, June 20

Barbara Lee Celia, South Jersey, June 16

Danniffa Charlemagne, Orlando, June 22

Hunter Coleman, NC Triangle, June 19

Barbara Covington, Piedmont Triad, June 22

Jennifer Emordi, Los Angeles, June 8

Natalia Espinosa Medina, Los Angeles, June 22

Sadora Freeman, Chicagoland, June 14

Mark Galapia, Silicon Valley, June 26

Janice Genova, NC Triangle, June 19

Lorena Gonzales, Los Angeles, June 12

Nazeera Harper, South Jersey, June 1

Deborah Huelbig, Silicon Valley, June 19

Diane Islas, Inland Empire, June 1

Lyn Jaque, San Francisco, June 2

Marcule Jean, Orlando, June 22

Mamuna Koroma, Piedmont Triad, June 8

Dawn Lail, Piedmont Triad, June 8

Tasha Lasenby, Chicagoland, June 26

Mirranda Lowry, Crystal Coast, June 16

Beatrice Maxime St Preux, North Jersey, June 1

Marie McGinley, Central Coast, June 1

Aja Medina, Los Angeles, June 15

Adan Medina-Beltran, Central Coast, June 7

Jazmin Perez, Silicon Valley, June 24

Herminia Ramat, San Francisco, June 28

Jose Relles, San Francisco, June 5

Betty Robinson, Boston, June 6

Miyuki Sakita, San Francisco, June 1

Norma Salazar Reyes , Silicon Valley, June 30

Karen Salmon, Crystal Coast, June 2

Erra Sanchez, San Francisco, June 29

Frances Scales, San Francisco, June 6

Dora Solis Mendieta, San Francisco, June 14

Danielle Whitus, Crystal Coast, June 29

Stephanie Wilmore, South Jersey, June 13

2 Years

Murrine Baines, Orlando, June 23

George Crews, NC Triangle, June 29

Kimberley Fraher, Houston, June 21

Desiree Garnett, Inland Empire, June 9

Ruth Gordon, Los Angeles, June 17

Shirley Griffins-Williams, Orlando, June 21

Estefani Guzman, Los Angeles, June 10

Samantha Harrison, Middle TN, June 27

Rhonda Lamb, Crystal Coast, June 17

Irene Musoke, Boston, June 3

Claire Nantaba, Boston, June 9

Myra Smith, Los Angeles, June 10

Songa Smith, South Jersey, June 13

Lisa Williams-Ottley NC Triangle, June 2

Pamela Zimmer, Crystal Coast, June 8

3 Years

Nadege Andou, Boston, June 29

Abigail Appiah, Los Angeles, June 18

Ana Caceros, Salt Lake City, June 23

Jeanette Carreno, Inland Empire, June 15

Tanya Chaney, Houston, June 18

Adrienne Gilmore, Piedmont Triad, June 28

Donna Grant, Chicagoland, June 10

Diamond Jackson, Houston, June 16

Lucy Kairumba, Boston, June 8

Rudolf Laureta, San Francisco, June 13

Carla Magat, San Francisco, June 30

Kobra Mashal, Central Coast, June 9

Oyetaye Saka, NC Triangle, June 3

Omolola Williams, Chicagoland, June 10

4 Years

LaTonya Coleman-Cousin, NC Triangle, June 9

Evette Taylor, North Jersey, June 17

5 Years

Elsi Guerra, South Bay, June 21

Darlene Jones, NC Triangle, June 20

Janice Rouise South Bay, June 14

Cleofe Salvatierra, NC Triangle, June 18

6 Years

Margaret Fosuhene, North Jersey, June 20

Kathleen Kinney-sigel, San Diego, June 6

Shannon McCabe, NC Triangle, June 22

Suzanne Smith, Inland Empire, June 2

7 Years

Dalisay Aquino, Central Coast, June 29

Matilda Asare, North Jersey, June 12

Samantha Faison, NC Triangle, June 10

Elizabeth Klinck, NC Triangle, June 22

8 Years

Melissa Elder, Middle TN, June 7

Jesus Mercado, Los Angeles, June 11

9 Years

Colleen Bakewell Inland Empire, June 23

Suzanne Crowell, Boston, June 16

Juanita Figueroa, South Jersey, June 25

Sophia Wizzart, South Jersey, June 10

10 Years

Pamela Johnson, Middle TN, June 2

11 Years

Hurtensia Pennant-Scott, North Jersey, June 30

12 Years

Connie Betty, Middle TN, June 19

Danuta Knezevic, North Jersey, June 16

13 Years

Alita Smith, Middle TN, June 2

15 Years

Eddah Riggsbee, NC Triangle, June 16

18 Years

Christina M DeAlba, Chicagoland, June 1

20 Years

Maria Santiesteban, South Bay, June 28

23 Years

Maria Laura Reagan, San Diego, June 22