Arosa Grant Circle

Growing a Circle of Support

Just weeks before the birth of her child, Anne received an eviction notice. Both she and her husband had been unable to work due to medical issues. The financial stress Anne was feeling was so intense it was impacting her physical health, causing her and her doctor concern. Within days of applying for financial assistance through the Arosa Grant Circle, Anne received funds that allowed her to pay rent, avoid eviction, and buy a month’s worth of groceries for her family.

Dorothy received Arosa Grant Circle funds to cover the cost of an emergency plane ticket. A few months later, she was in a position to make a donation to the Grant Circle. Seeing how Arosa employees support each other has made her appreciate her work community even more.

At Arosa, we truly treasure our Caregivers and Care Managers. They’re the heart and soul of our company. That’s why we started the Arosa Grant Circle. It’s a community-supported initiative designed to provide financial assistance to our employees when they find themselves facing unexpected hardships.

We launched the Arosa Grant Circle in 2020 with generous initial gifts totaling $37,500. But to sustain this lifeline for our employees, we count on the ongoing support of our dedicated team members, clients, and the wonderful communities we serve. To date, approximately $84,000 in Arosa Grant Circle funds have supported 97 Arosa employees—like Anne and Dorothy—through unexpected financial adversity. Two thirds of those funds have been donated by Arosa staff and clients. The remaining third has come from donations made by individuals and organizations in communities across the country.

Giving Tuesday

As Thanksgiving approaches, followed quickly by Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday, we’re inviting you to make a contribution to the Arosa Grant Circle. Please join us in supporting the individuals who give of themselves every day to help our communities’ aging adults live comfortably and safely in the homes they love.

Why the Arosa Grant Circle Matters.

At Arosa, the care we provide extends beyond our clients to our own team members. The Arosa Grant Circle is our way of providing a safety net for our employees, allowing them to navigate challenges with greater ease and less stress. Whether they experience a medical emergency, unexpected family expenses, or other unforeseen financial hardship, the fund is here to care for those who have made it their mission to care for others.

And we know that by taking care of our Care Professionals, we can continue to provide the high-quality home care services that our clients have come to trust and rely on. 

The Arosa Grant Circle is more than a financial initiative. It’s a symbol of the strength and resilience of our caring community. Together, we can keep this circle of support strong, vibrant, and ever-expanding.

How to Contribute

We’ve made it easy for anyone to become a part of the Arosa Grant Circle and support our dedicated team members. There are two ways to contribute: recurring gifts or one-time donations.

Recurring Gifts

Anyone can set up recurring gifts via credit or debit card, ensuring that your support is ongoing. Whether it’s $2 or $100 per month, every contribution makes a difference.

Arosa Home Care employees may elect to contribute to the Grant Circle via payroll deductions ranging from $2 to $100 per month. It’s a hassle-free way to give back to your colleagues in care.

One-time Gifts

Ranging from $25 to $2,500, one-time donations allow anyone to make an immediate impact. This is a fantastic way to show your support and help ensure that Arosa Grant Circle funds will be there when they’re needed.

To make a contribution, visit Arosa.grantcircles.org and choose the donation method that works best for you. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a meaningful impact in the lives of our employees and the clients they care for.

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