Celebrating Caregivers: Arosa’s Dedication to Appreciation

Recognizing teammates’ contributions is crucial in demanding work environments. Industry expert Shelli Chavet, Arosa’s Director of Talent Development, highlights the transformative power of appreciation to enhance employee morale, retention, and the overall quality of care provided by businesses.

“At Arosa, we recognize that our Caregivers are the backbone of our organization. Their tireless dedication to serving others deserves to be celebrated not just on a single day but throughout the year,” Chavet emphasizes. She elaborates on the inspiration behind dedicating a month to celebrating Caregivers, stating, “Treasuring our care professionals is a cornerstone of our overall mission. Caregiver Appreciation Day is March 3rd, but we want to celebrate our Caregivers all month and treasure them daily.”

Shelli Chavet – Arosa Director Of Talent Development

“Our mission is to Attract, Train, Retain, and Treasure our Care Professionals. Each week of Arosa Caregiver Appreciation Month is tied to one of the four pillars of our mission, ensuring that our Caregivers feel supported and valued.” She highlights the importance of Caregiver development and growth, “Training and development are vital components of Caregiver retention” and added, “During Caregiver Appreciation Month, we enhance Caregiver development through various initiatives, such as providing in-service training events during ‘Week Train.’”

“Showing gratitude enhances retention and leads to unprecedented care for our clients and their families,” Chavet notes. To further this cause, we’ve expanded our Arosa Care Extraordinaire or ACE Awards program to include nominations from clients and their families, strengthening the bond between Caregivers and clients.” The ACE Awards recognize exceptional care each month and reward Caregivers who genuinely walk a mile to serve our clients.

She emphasizes Arosa’s commitment to appreciation year-round, stating, “Initiatives like the Arosa Grant Circle provide financial relief to Caregivers facing hardships, while our engagement platform rewards Caregivers with Care Coins for their dedication, ensuring they feel valued beyond Caregiver Appreciation Month. If you believe in the power of human connection and compassion, we invite you to join our team,” Chavet encouraged. “At Arosa, we offer fulfilling careers centered around appreciation, recognition, and meaningful work. Explore career opportunities with Arosa today and become part of a community dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.”

By dedicating a month to celebrating Caregivers and aligning its mission with Caregiver appreciation objectives, Arosa sets itself apart as a preferred Caregiver employer, fostering a culture of appreciation, recognition, and support year-round.

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