Top Caregiver Reviews 2021

Honoring the top testimonials this year!


During the recent devastating ice storm in Houston, with temperatures in the teens, the power and water supplies went out for over 36 hours at the assisted living facility in which Penny was caring for a medically fragile client. The temperatures in the building quickly began to dangerously plummet into the 40’s placing the residents at serious risk of hypothermia. Recognizing the perilous situation, Penny took swift action and immediately contacted one of our Life Care Managers, Melanie to alert her to the developing situation.

With full family and CM support and approval, Penny carefully evacuated the client and traversed the treacherous ice-covered roadways to Penny’s own home where they would find warmth and safety. The family was most grateful for her decisive action on behalf of their loved one.

Those that know Penny, know that this extraordinary level of superior service is an everyday occurrence.

Thank you, Penny.


I spoke with a family member of one of Rebecca’s clients yesterday and she expressed sincere gratitude for what Rebecca does for her husband. She said that her husband lights up when Rebecca comes in the room and that she is able to get him to do things that even she can’t convince him to do. She said the last time he was in an ambulance you could see the fear on his face and his hesitance to go. At that moment, Rebecca arrived for her shift and immediately walked up to provide words of encouragement and support. His wife said that there was instant relief followed by a smile when he saw her face. She said Rebecca is everything you could ever want in a caregiver and everyone should be blessed with a caregiver like her!

Thank you, Rebecca.


This is not about one incident. This nominee gives you her best at every interaction. Jocelyn is my hero within our company. On any given day she will find a solution for you regarding a variety of issues that fall upon us as caregivers. She always makes me feel like I matter. I applaud her and feel we are a better company with her in the office.

Thank you, Jocelyn!

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