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Looking For Friends In All The Wrong Places: The Fine Line Between Incompetence And Poor Judgment

While even overtly demented individuals can proffer a “yes” or “no” response to simple choices (“Do you want coffee today?”), offering a lucid rationale...
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The Adult Child/Aging Parent Relationship: Minefields, Misunderstandings And Methods For Improvement

Tensions are often introduced into adult child/aging parent relationships as both parties attempt to manage an older parent’s encroaching change in status.
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Considering a Geriatric Care Manager? What You Need to Know.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the difficult challenges associated with aging? Is your responsibility to care for a loved one becoming unmanageable? You are...
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Types of Guardianship

When the individual can make some, but not all, decisions regarding his/her person and/or estate. The powers of a limited guardian must be specifically...
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My Life Is A Struggle But I Don’t Want Help: Senior Resistance To Change And Care

Almost everyone who has approached a client or elderly family member about the possibility they may benefit from caregiver support or a facility placement...
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